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2 April 2013
I have just found your site while looking up references to the Catholic Church in Rwanda during the genocide. While I believe it is wrong to focus particularly on the grave lapse in charity shown by church authorities, particularly at the Vatican level (two letters on the subject I sent, one to my Archbishop (I live near Bordeaux in France), the other to a friend of Pope John Paul II, went unanswered), the primary responsibility remains political, locally, of course, but also to a large measure on the French and US levels.
So many people looked the other way and the cause of the victims seemed so hopeless at the time that I personally was reduced to the sole activity of prayer. I think to some extent in view of the present evolution of the country my prayers have been answered. Never did get an explanation, not a satisfactory one at any rate, of the spiritual failing, still largely unrecognized, of my Church at that time. I hope it has not got just to do with politics.
Michael Scott
(Retired English teacher, University of Bordeaux 3)